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"The best piece of advice that I can give a young coach when it comes to leadership..."

Sometimes the best messages we can receive as coaches come from someone outside of the football world.

That brings me to some knowledge that Sam Houston State baseball coach Matt Deggs recently shared at a convention. Coach Deggs, who is speaking at the ABCA Convention in Indianapolis earlier this year in this clip, opens up the clip with a story about Jesus as he's about to die and the mindset of his disciples.

While that message is great, hearing the next segment may be even better.

"Here is the best advice I could ever give a young coach when it comes to leadership - Never, ever, ever be afraid to be embarrassed in front of your guys. Let them see you, let them see you love, let them see you laugh, let them see you cry, let them see you compete, let them see you work."

"Let them see the warts and all, but the only way you do that is if your identity is wrapped into who you are as a man. If your identity is wrapped in to what you do, the baseball guy, you're certain to crash and burn because when things don't go your way, you're not gonna like the outcome."

I think that is outstanding advice. Want your players to put it all on the line for you on game day? Do the same for them, and let them see your flaws and all the other things Deggs points out as well and they're much more likely to go the extra mile for you.

See the full clip below.