As coaches, we oftentimes like to talk about how our players face adversity on the football field and during the peaks and valleys of games.

However, one Big 12 coordinator isn’t a believer that players encounter real adversity on the field.

After practice yesterday, Texas Tech defensive coordinator Keith Patterson provided a brief opinion in how adversity isn’t truly witnessed in football, and provided a brief lesson on perspective in the process.

“I don’t believe there is any such thing as adversity on a football field,” Patterson explained. “I tell our guys there is no such thing as a crisis. There are highs and lows of emotion, but there is no such thing as adversity on a football field.”

Every Thursday, Patterson shared that they have a Special Spectator come out to practice (like Will Jordan pictured below)

“Every Thursday, we have that Special Spectator, and to me, I say, ‘You want to see the face of adversity…that’s adversity.”