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Big 12 reportedly moving toward continuing football season, could release schedule tonight

The college football season could live to see another day.

After cancelations by the Big Ten and Pac-12, stakes could not be higher heading into tonight's meeting of Big 12 presidents. If the Big 12 were to cancel its fall campaign, most expect it would only be a matter of time until the SEC, ACC, American, Conference USA and Sun Belt followed suit, dooming the country to its first college football-free fall since the sport's 1869 inception.

But, according to multiple reports Tuesday evening, it seems the Big 12 season is headed for a stay of execution. Not only that, as a show of good faith, presidents will approve the conference's ADs to release a schedule, which the league has yet to do once it went to a 9 + 1 format for this fall.

As we learned the hard way with the Big Ten, releasing a schedule does not guarantee the games will be played.

But after the Tuesday college football has had, we'll take it.