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Big 12: Show proper sportsmanship... or else

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Aside from the never-ending doldrum that is the satellite camp issue and a smart decision to add some necessary layers to player safety protocol, the issue somehow gaining steam in spring meetings across spring meetings has been sportsmanship - and the need to punish violating schools into compliance.

The SEC will up its penalties for rushing the field this fall, and this week the Big 12 has rolled out its plan to make its college football and basketball games more collegial.

First, there's field rushing and court storming. Following the incident this February where Kansas State fans put Kansas players and coaches in some dangerous spots, the Big 12 plans to fine schools for not properly securing a field or court before fans occupy the playing surface. Continued noncompliance could cost schools a home game.

How exactly a home institution is expected to clear players, coaches and officials from the field at the very moment the clock hits quadruple zeroes is beyond me, but it would behoove all 10 Big 12 schools to figure it out.

Bob Bowlsby has pinned a sheriff star on his chest and given himself jurisdiction on the sportsmanship front. “I have a full array available to me and the staff,” Bowlsby told the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t know that there’s anything off the table in dealing with those issues. I think I’ve been given broad prerogatives to deal with those issues and the tools necessary to manage it.”

But wait, there's more!

The conference also wants to stop schools from continually showing replays of controversial calls against the home team inside the stadium or arena - also known as one of the best moments in any game.

Schools can also get into trouble if fans engage in profane chants, though the guess here is that infraction will be limited to words that begin with F and BS.

As every little league soccer game in American history can demonstrate, there's no more effective sportsmanship than forced sportsmanship. Right?