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Big Ten, PAC-12, and ACC to announce an alliance, per reports

Word started to circulate late last night that the Big Ten, PAC-12 and ACC are set to announce an alliance later today.

Editor's note: This has been updated to reflect ACC which was erroneously omitted in the first draft. 

According to various reports, the agreement between the three conferences will focus on NCAA governance and scheduling, although the scheduling aspect may be down the road a little bit since contracts are already in place for years in advance. The leagues also plan to get on the same page regarding future expansion of the College Football Playoff.

The decision to form an alliance comes after weeks of talks between the leagues in response to the SEC adding Big 12 blue blood programs in Oklahoma and Texas. There's no denying that when that happened the college football scales tipped in favor of the SEC as the College Football Playoff talks about expanding to 12 teams.

The majority of fans expected some additional realignment, but this alliance between three of the remaining four Power Five leagues may change that expectation and leave the Big-12 in a very interesting situation.

Adam Rittenberg shares that the PAC-12 has been firmly in the driver's seat on this alliance.

Rittenberg goes on to add that the announcement planned for 2p EST today will mainly outline an "acknowledgement of common values between the leagues and alignment around many topics affecting athletes and schools."

The specifics of the alliance will be ironed out in the coming weeks, and months.