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Big Ten programs own half of the top 10 most popular spring games


Ohio State

The Big Ten dominated the spring game attendance numbers this season with five teams among the top ten most attended spring games.

It's no surprise that Ohio State held the top spot in the standings with just a hair under 100,000 in attendance (99,391 to be exact), which set a national spring game attendance record. The Buckeyes had a comfortable lead of over 20,000 fans over #2 Nebraska, who had 75,881. Penn State (#3 with 68,000), Michigan (#7 with 60,000), and Michigan State (#8 with 48,000) rounded out the top ten for the Big Ten.

Other programs representing the top ten were SEC programs Alabama (4th) , Tennessee (5th), Auburn (6th), and Georgia (9th) with Big 12 program Oklahoma at #10.

Granted, winning a spring game attendance contest is worth about as much as winning the actual spring game, but nonetheless, these numbers are interesting to see.

Below is a more complete look at the top 25 most attended spring games, courtesy of SBNation.