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Bill Belichick breaks down some of history's best defenses

"I think a good defensive game plan is very important. It comes down to a lot of little things. One play, one call, one technique can make the difference in your season." - Bill Belichick

In the video, Belichick breaks down how the Steel Curtain of the 70s, the '86 Bears & the 1990 New York Giants. Each of these teams featured outstanding individual athletes; but the schemes each employed maximized the havoc those athletes were able to wreak.

One common theme you hear Belichick describe is how the defenses were structured to get the offense off of their game or to take away their best player / plays.

Good stuff here. Enjoy...

Really cool video of Bill Belichick breaking down some of the all-time great defenses in the NFL.

— Zach Dunn (@ZachSDunn) August 16, 2017

And below we have Belichick breaking down some of the 2001 Patriots' best work.

Belichick Game Plan from Super Bowl XXXVI. Talks about how they blitzed the RB to keep Faulk from releasing into the route structure

— James Light (@JamesALight) August 16, 2017