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Bill Snyder planning to continue coaching through throat cancer

Word broke over the weekend that Bill Snyder had been hospitalized due to an undisclosed health issue. We now know why: the Wildcats head coach has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The 77-year-old insists the diagnosis won't effect his coaching duties, and expects to lead the Wildcats during spring practice, which begins next month. The release states Snyder's doctors say his condition is "excellent." Still, he is a 77-year-old battling throat cancer.

The full statement from Synder:

“I feel bad having to release this information about my health in this manner prior to sharing it in person with so many personal friends, distant family, players and their families, past and present, and many of the Kansas State football family so close to our program,” Snyder said. “But, with so much talk presently out there, I certainly owe it to everyone to make them aware of my condition.

"I have been diagnosed with throat cancer and have been receiving outpatient treatment at the KU Medical Center for about three weeks and am getting along very well. The doctors and staffs at both KU Med and M.D. Anderson (in Houston, Texas) have been great; working so very well together to finalize the overall treatment plan which is being conducted in Kansas City. Both ‘teams’ have projected a positive outcome and have worked out a schedule that allows me to be in Kansas City for my regular treatments and still be back in the office on a regular basis through the first week of March. Sean, along with our coaching and support staffs, remain highly productive in carrying out their responsibilities keeping us on track.

"I greatly appreciate our President, Richard Myers, and Athletic Director, John Currie, for their continued support, and I’m very grateful to those who have responded over the past 24 hours via calls, texts, emails, etc., with such kind thoughts and words. And again, my apology to each of you whom I did not have the opportunity to reach personally before this release.

"As I’ve said so often: we came to Kansas State University because of the people, we stayed because of the people and we came back because of you, the people. Nothing has changed.

"And most importantly, what an amazing personal family I have been blessed with: Sharon, our children: Sean, Shannon, Meredith, Ross and Whitney and their spouses, along with our eight grandchildren and one great grandchild, have been truly special and motivational for me and for each other during this brief setback. Sharon has made great sacrifices to help me through this and the kids are there every day with their love and encouragement. And today that same love and encouragement is coming from our Kansas State, Manhattan and community families.”

In 25 seasons leading the Kansas State program -- split between 1989-05 and 2009 through the present -- Snyder is 202-105-1 with two Big 12 championships and six top-10 finishes. The Wildcats booked a 9-4 season with a victory over Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl in 2016.

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