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Bill Snyder will author a children's book

Bill Snyder's list of accomplisments is as long as it is impressive, and according to a recent announcement, "Children's book author" will soon be added to that lengthy list.

According to an announcement via Facebook, Kraken Books, Ltd. has got a commitment from Kansas State head coach, and coaching legend, Bill Snyder to write a children's book.

The book will be titled "Take it from Me," and something tells me it will be snatched up by just as many coaches as it will kids.


A little piece of me is pulling for the book's main character to be Bill Snyder as a wizard. Okay, a big piece of me is pulling for that.

Snyder has already co-authored at least one book, titled "They Said it Couldn't be Done."

No release date has been shared yet, so we'll keep you in the loop as we learn / hear more.