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Bo Pelini is the Ron Burgundy of college football


Stick a recorder in Bo Pelini's face and you have no idea what you're bound to get. He may raise a four-letter salute to his own fans, or he might drop an idea that could potentially revolutionize recruiting for the better. 

You just never know.

After it appeared Pelini's hot-headedness may be his undoing to close the 2013 season, Pelini worked this off-season to present a, well, let's say a more-rounded version of himself. You've seen the cat video, right?

But lurking under Cat Owner Pelini, or Prankster Pelini, or Surprise Welcome Pelini is still the same Ornery Pelini we all know.

Asked about the saga of Damore'ea Stringfellow, a Washington transfer who was set to enroll at Nebraska this fall before an 11th hour switch to Ole Miss, Pelini told Huskers Illustrated: "Read between the lines. We all know what happened in that situation."

When pressed further, especially on the possible role Stringfellow's family played in his decision, Peini added, "Especially when it's a clueless parent."

Pelini is college football's version of Ron Burgundy. Take him off script, and he is liable to say an-y-thing.

This is usually the point of the article where the writer lectures Pelini on class and wonders what the possible upside could be to calling the parent of a former recruit "clueless", but Pelini obviously doesn't care.

Let's get out of here with one request: there are approximately a dozen bowl games pitting the Big Ten and the SEC against each other. Is it too much to ask to get an Ole Miss vs. Nebraska match-up?