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Bo Pelini wants to get rid of National Signing Day altogether

There's a lot of chatter about creating an early signing day for football, with August 1 or the Monday after Thanksgiving being the most commonly speculated dates. Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini wants to nix those dates, along with National Signing Day on the first Wednesday in February.

If it's up to Pelini, National Signing Day would be every single day.

"If somebody has offered a kid, let him sign, it's over," Pelini told "That will stop some of the things that are happening -- people just throwing out offers, some of them with really no intention of taking a kid."

In Pelini's world, taking a commitment would mirror a commitment in every day life. It would turn, "Can you speak at our charity function on June 23, 2017? Sure, absolutely." Into, "Can you speak at our charity function tomorrow night? Hold on, I'll have to check my calendar."

"Make [the offer] mean something," Pelini said. "People will be like, 'Whoa, I've got to take this kid now.' It will slow things down for the kids, for the institutions. There will be less mistakes."

Pelini hasn't stated whether or not schools would only be able to offer - and then sign - high school seniors, or if a high school freshman could sign a National Letter of Intent. (He did state, though, that a signed scholarship should be voided in an event of a coaching change.) 

"Things would slow down dramatically," Pelini said. "Some of these kids get 60 offers. Some of these people don't even know who a kid is. The whole thing gets watered down. There's no way some [team] can take that many guys."

He has not put his idea forward to the NCAA's formal legislation process, and it's doubtful whether it ever even gets there. But the seventh-year Nebraska coach has made an interesting point. 

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