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Bob Davie goes on passionate 12 minute discussion over controversial 4th down ruling


Over the course of any given game, there always seems to be a small handful of plays that swing the outcome one way or another.

For Bob Davie and New Mexico, one of those plays came on a critical 4th and 2 against Boise State. With about 4 minutes left in the game, New Mexico had the ball with Boise up 53-49 and the Lobos dialed up a quarterback run. Officials initially ruled that quarterback Lamar Jordan gained a first down, but a lengthy review (of about 4 minutes) reversed that call, giving the ball back to Boise State.

I can't remember the last time I watched a college football game and saw the spot of the ball overturned after a review. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen that call made with indisputable video evidence.

At his press conference yesterday, Davie kicked things off by addressing the controversial call. Even with a few days to cool off, Davie was still pretty fired up about the overturned call, spending about 12 minutes to explain his perspective.

“Boise beat us, Boise deserved to beat us,” Davie said before noting that he sent the clip, and frame-by-frame shots to a bunch of colleagues to review independently, and 100% of them saw no evidence to overturn the call.

“But the only people that say that it was indisputable, and there was concrete evidence that that call should be overturned, was the Mountain West Conference. To me, that’s a bit of a slap in the face.”

Davie did note that there is no guarantee that they would have gone on to score that possession, but seeing that Boise gave up over 500 yards rushing on the day to the Lobos, if you're Davie, you really have to like your chances in that situation.

While Davie does stop to take a few questions (surprisingly, all of which happen to be on the call) he spends all 12 minutes on the call, and stops numerous times to implore everyone at the presser to take a look for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

The Mountain West released a statement yesterday standing by the overturned call, per the Idaho Statesman.

"All I want out of this is accountability. Just like I'm at Notre Dame today, and maybe we're not going to a 13 million game today or at the end of the season...I'm at New Mexico and I have the same responsibility and the same passion.

"Accountability is accountability, whether I'm the little guy, or I'm the big guy. That's it."

You really have to see the whole rant for yourself because trying to sum up 12 minutes of Davie's emotion in a few paragraphs is near impossible.