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Video: How Boise State's academic plan mirrors their weight room philosophy

Every high school and college coach in the country has "Graduate" on his short list of goals for every player on his roster. At Boise State, that's taken very seriously, with an academic game plan for each and every football player, just like you'd have on the field or in the weight room for each individual.

One of the ways this is best illustrated is their "3.0 board", which is prominently displayed full of pictures of players with a 3.0 or better, with "The A-Team" (4.0 students) highlighted at the top of the board.

If the big board idea sounds familiar, Rosenvall admits that he does steal some ideas from the strength staff, and the results his academic staff has gotten are impossible to ignore.

"I do try to follow some of the things that they do in the weight room, which is you set standards, and coach them about how to do things correctly, and then on top of just the techinique issues - which we spend a lot of time on in the first year in the program - is how to be a good student. And what does that look like?"

In 2013 Boise State ranked second in APR Score nationally, behind Northwestern and in front of prestigious academic programs like Duke, Clemson, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Boston College, and Missouri.

Bottom line is what Rosenvall and the rest of the academic support staff are doing at Boise State is a benchmark for what programs across the country should be doing. The results on and off the field speak for themselves.