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Boise State's new mobile app aims to provide a true "ultimate insiders look" at the program


Over the past few years, athletic departments everywhere have made a push to provide an inside look at their sports programs for an edge with recruits. Many programs have turned to videos, while others have thought outside of the box and released a mobile app.

Boise State is the latest program to join the mobile app fraternity with an app available on both the Google Play and iTunes store. In it, users will have the opportunity to view videos on Boise State football, take a look at information on facilities, the coaching staff, learn about the culture of the Bronco program and explore The Five Pillars of the Power Program.

The coolest feature of the app, and the one that's going to be the biggest hit with recruits, is the ability that it gives you to mix-and-match and build your own uniforms, and it doesn't stop there, it also allows you to personalize the uniform with your number and name as well.

All of that pretty much gives recruits exactly what they want.

Watch Harsin shows off some of the features in the video below. Screenshots of the app can be found below as well.

Have you checked out our new Boise State Football Recruiting app yet? If not, get on it! ???

— Boise State Recruits (@BSURecruits) August 21, 2015