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Got players who are "bored"? Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre has a three word solution


While coaches hit the road hard during the winter months, players get "stuck" in the routine triangle of workouts, classes, and studying.

Earlier this week, Colorado Freshman receiver Shay Fields tweeted that he needed something to do, and coach MacIntyre was ready with the perfect response.

His response?

For most of us that have our feet wet in this coaching profession, it's not necessarily surprising that a Freshman would find himself bored in the winter without evening practices and games nearly every weekend like he grew accustomed to in the fall.

It may seem harsh at first glance, but for MacIntyre (who transformed the San Jose State program from 1-11 in year one to a 10-2 team in year three), a 6-18 start in his first two seasons in Boulder isn't going to cut it, and while responding to that comment on Twitter may seem small to some, MacIntyre has a detailed plan to change the culture in Boulder, and I wouldn't be surprised if moves like this one are all part of moving forward.

Coupled with James Franklin's "Bs don't cut it at Penn State" Twitter response one of his players yesterday, this is the second example already this week of head coaches monitoring what their players are tweeting.