Dating back a few weeks now, Boston College assistant head coach / tight ends coach Frank Leonard has gone around the locker rooms inspecting the lockers of players dubbed. The short piece has been named #LeonardsLockers.

Over the last several years particularly, many programs have an organizational model for how players lockers should look, right down to where details like which side of the locker the helmet should be hung up, and where and how extra clothing should be stored.

The approach is similar to the premise that many believe about making their bed in the morning – those who do believe that the simple act starts your day off on the right foot, encourages you to keep your room cleaner, improves your mood, and leads to a a more productive day overall.

Here’s a quick clip from one of those episodes.

To have a little fun, a few Boston College players got access to the coaches locker room and decided to flip the script to see if the coaches are living what they’re preaching.

The results? After looking at coach Leonard’s locker one player shared, “Jesus. I wonder what his house looks like.”

See more for yourself in the two clips.