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Bowl gifts this season include a bowling pin, holiday sweaters, and personalized FatHeads and bobbleheads

Every year, the Sports Business Journal rolls out a detailed list of the bowl gifts that players get, and each year it is filled with some great ones, and some that will leave you scratching your head.

Of course the list of gifts was littered with the conventional bowl gifts of backpacks, watches, footballs, hats, and a number of other items that are given to players of bowl teams annually this time of year.

Just in case you've ever wondered what that gift suite looks like for players, Oklahoma State provided a peek inside their bowl suite experience last year.

Below is a list of some of the more interesting and noteworthy bowl gifts from this bowl gift cycle, courtesy of the SBJ.




Boston College vs. Maryland

Life-sized Fathead decal for each participant of himself

Oklahoma State vs. Colorado

Apple Watch

South Alabama vs. Air Force

Red inflatable "big-lazy" couch, Powerbeats2 headphones

Georgia Tech vs. Kentucky

Bobblehead featuring players face, name, and uniform number

Ohio State vs. Clemson

Gift suite OR Playstation 4 game and accessory bundle

The only major bowl game to not disclose their gift package? The Cotton Bowl featuring Wisconsin and Western Michigan.

As for the biggest game of them all, the National Title game, the gift description just states an "Iconic Gift". No idea what that could entail, but it sounds sweet.

Head over to the Sports Business Journal to see the full break down of bowl gifts.