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Bradley Cooper helps the Eagles talk trash to the Giants in hype video


It's not often that a star studded actor gets in on an NFL hype video, but when it came down to talking trash to the NY Giants, Bradley Cooper wanted in on the action.

"This is more than a mid season match up. This is a street fight. Wall Street versus Broad Street. White collar against no collar."

"This is a tale of two cities; New York and Philly. I promise you there is no brotherly love lost between us, and the Big Apple's big talkers..." Cooper opens up the video saying.

The hype video seemed to have served its purpose too, as the Eagles blanked the Giants 27-0 for their first shutout in 18 years.

Cooper is perfect for this voice over because you can tell he's an Eagle fan with no shortage of pride for the city of Philadelphia. The result is perfection.

Who's next? Jerry Jones lending his voice to Arkansas for their next hype video, or maybe Snoop narrating USC's next one? Either way, I like the way this trend is headed.

Black Sunday Pump Up Video from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.