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College Football Playoff set for groundbreaking expansion

CFP clears necessary vote to begin process for 12-team format

Once again, college football poised for ground-breaking expansion.

When that actually happens, however, remains a bit unclear.

Meeting Friday and officially formalizing a vote that sources told FootballScoop earlier this week that had already been secured, the College Football Board of Managers voted to move forward with plans to triple the size of the CFP field -- from its current format of four teams to a 12-team model.

Though sources strongly indicated there was no chance for CFP expansion to unfold as soon as the end of the 2023 season due to logistical complications, the planned 12-team format could debut as early as following the 2024 regular season.

That's IF all hurdles -- logistically, as well the formal channels throughout the sport -- are cleared in time.

It's another move ahead on a plan that first was introduced in summer 2021 but quickly unraveled when the Southeastern Conference poached Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 Conference, which then left that league scrambling to fortify its membership with new additions.

More recently, the Big Ten announced it would welcome in both UCLA and USC into its conference membership.

Sources told FootballScoop that the CFP Board of Managers' vote was expected to be a unanimous verdict in favor of the planned CFP expansion. The group is made up of 11 university chancellors and presidents from throughout college campuses across the country. 

There is strong momentum to expand the CFP by the 2024 season if enough obstacles are cleared; it is not expected to grow to a 12-team format any later than 2025, sources told FootballScoop.