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Brent Brennan to Gary Andersen: "Are you trying to put together the best group you can or not?"

Brent Brennan

Brent Brennan was in a precarious position. His old boss, Mike Riley, had left for Nebraska and left the rest of his staff in limbo. The new boss, Gary Andersen, was getting his old band back together.

Brennan had an interview with Andersen for his old job, but he was up against two other coaches. Andersen wanted to talk with the other candidates first before making a decision.

"I said, 'How do you know they're better than me?'" Brennan told Gina Mizell of the Oregonian. "And (Andersen) smiled and was like, 'I like that.' I was like, 'Well they're not (better), so are you trying to put together the best group you can or not?'

"He just kept laughing. I just went for it. I was like, 'What do I have to lose?'"

In reality, Brennan had proven his worth before to Andersen before he was even hired, recruiting for Oregon State, making the new staff aware of recruiting inroads the previous staff had established, and breaking down film of the returning players.

"I didn't know what choice I had," Brennan said. "What, I'd go home and just sit on my (butt) and not do anything? I just felt silly doing that."

So he got to work preparing for 2015 whether his new boss was aware of his plans or not.