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Brent Musburger: I know when spreads or over-unders are covered


You are looking live... well at FootballScoop; but you reading about Brent Musburger.

John Ourand of Sports Business Daily visited recently with Brent. The two spoke largely about Brent's frequent gambling references and his perceived interest in the lines.

"I'm very aware of what's going on. I know when spreads or over- unders are covered. That's not the main point of emphasis in covering a ballgame. I'm aware that a lot of people are interested in it and partake in it. Nobody has ever said anything to me. Executives understand the appeal."

Musburger added that he has no problem with announcers who bet on games, as long as they aren't the games they are working, "If you want to have a wager on another game, that's all well and good."

Sports Business Daily has the full article, loaded with fun content.