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Bret Bielema has an idea to tweak recruiting that's worth considering

The idea behind recruiting is simple: for recruits and coaches to get as much information on each other as possible so each side can make the most informed decision they can.

The process is anything but simple, but the idea is.

Bret Bielema has an idea to allow each side to accomplish that goal. The Arkansas head coach would like the NCAA to allow players to make multiple official visits to the same school.

"A lot of times the visit becomes more real on the second rather than the first," Bielema said at the SEC's spring meetings in Destin, Fla., via "For those of us married, that first date wouldn't be great and the second one probably a little better. You kept building that progression and if not, you got out of it."

Presently, recruits are allowed to take five official visits -- to five different schools.

It isn't clear if Bielema's plan would keep the number at five total official visits or allow up to 10 visits (two visits each to five different schools.)

The argument against double-dipping official visits would be that it's expensive for schools, since it is they who pay for recruits to visit their campus. But that's an indirect argument for keeping the majority of the costs on the shoulders of recruits, who must carry the freight of every other visit to campus.

"There's a certain element that if we could bring a kid on a second official visit...I think you'd have a higher success of placing kids in the right situations," Bielema said.