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Bret Bielema: "If that was an ass kicking, I'd love to know what last year was."

Bret Bielema

You knew it was coming.

First, the backstory for those who need it. Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema told a gathering of Texas high school coaches, according to Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, "‘if you don’t play with a fullback we’ll kick your ass and if you try to throw the ball 70 times a game we’ll kick your ass.'" Kingsbury is the son of a Texas high school coach and has made his name as a player and a coach playing without a fullback and throwing it 70 times a game.

Naturally, Kingsbury reveled in his Red Raiders' 35-24 win on Saturday night, saying, "he just got his ass kicked…twice in a row, and probably next week by A&M as well. So that did feel good.”

On Monday, Bielema responded.

"I'm happy he got to vent and hopefully he feels a lot better," Bielema said. "As a coach who has been in it for 10 years, I know better than to worry about somebody that's been around for a couple and they're .500. So we'll just go forward.

"Was I shocked? Yeah, just because you know, in this profession, you handle certain things in a certain way. I've never really had that before."

Never change, Bret. Please never, ever change.