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Bret Bielema says that he's had dinner with a parrot and a monkey during a recruiting visit


Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly released their third trailer for their "Being Bret Bielema" show, and it's got me wringing my hands in anticipation for the full show to roll out later this month.

The latest trailer was loaded with good nuggets, including Bielema dishing on a few things that would force him to drop a kid that he loves on film.

"If I love a kid on film, there are three things that will make me drop him; academics, how you treat your mother - if I'm sitting at a table and a kid curses at his mother, or disrespects to the women in his life, it's usually a really good indicator that something is going to go wrong."

Bielema never tells what the third thing is in the trailer, so looks like we'll have to stay tuned for the final deal breaker.

Another interesting note Bielema makes toward the end of the clip is that he's actually had dinner with a a parrot, and a monkey during one of his recruiting visits.

"He didn't sit with us at dinner, but he was bouncing around after dinner." Bielema noted about the monkey.

Stories like that, and other insights from Bielema, are a big reason many coaches, and people, can't wait for this show to finally debut.