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Bret Bielema wants to make "Woo Pig" the new "Roll Tide"


Fan Sided

There are very few phrases in the English language that can be used with multiple meanings, but perhaps the most famous of those phrases (at least down South) is "Roll Tide".

Remember this ESPN commercial? It perfectly illustrates a number of different situations where Roll Tide is both applicable and appropriate.

Just dropped the kids off at school? Roll Tide. Sealing a deal? Roll Tide. Need the hot sauce passed from a nearby table? Roll Tide. Need permission to join a few strangers in a hot tub? Roll Tide.

It literally can be used for just about everything (at least with the right audience).

That's the vision that Bret Bielema has for Arkansas' "Woo Pig" battle cry. As Bielema explained to Sports Talk with Bo yesterday, he basically wants to see "Woo Pig" become the new "Roll Tide".