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Brett Favre uses a GREAT story as a reminder to never assume that players know the terms you use

Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever sling the rock in the NFL...but, as he explains, for two seasons as a starter in the league, he had no idea what some key defensive terms even meant.

At a speaking function, Favre recently shared a story about being in quarterback meetings during his second season in Green Bay with Ty Detmer and Mark Brunell and constantly hearing a coach refer to the "nickel" defense, and the "dime" defense, and "over" and "under" fronts and the "3-4".

These are all pretty universal football terms that coaches from the high school level to the NFL are well aware of, but Favre had no idea what they meant.

He explains that, finally - after two years, he turned to Detmer and asked "what the heck is the nickel defense?"

The conversation that ensued is something you just have to hear Favre tell. It's one of those outstanding football stories from a legend. See the video to hear it all as only Favre can tell it.

For coaches, this story is a great reminder to never assume that your players know the terminology you use so take the time to explain it, and every once in a while go into some detail why defensive coordinators use that strategy, and the problems it can present to the offensive side of the ball, and vice versa.

Brett Favre on asking Ty Detmer what a Nickel Defense was.

— Zach Dunn (@ZachSDunn) June 6, 2017