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Brian Kelly after losing to Clemson: "Great effort is not good enough."

What do you tell your team moments after losing its first game of the year on what was essentially the final play of the game? For Notre Dame's Brian Kelly the message was clear: Playing hard is not good enough.

"Playing hard is not good enough any more for me," Kelly told his coaches shortly after Saturday night's loss to Clemson. "I'm not going to give them the consolation of, 'Hey, great effort.' Great effort is not good enough."

"You should be pissed that you let this opportunity slip away. And if you're not pissed about it, then you're in the wrong locker room," Kelly told his players. "The wrong damn locker room."

The clip is but a 42-second snippet of Showtime's "A Season With Notre Dame Football," but it's long enough to provide a great window into Kelly's coaching philosophy. Check it out.

(HT @Aaron_Brenner)