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Brian Kelly did the dancing thing again

The Brian Kelly we saw at Notre Dame was quite a bit different than the version he's showing us at LSU.

The comedian Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about the anxiety we all go through as we shift our personalities to fit within the different social circles we inhabit.

You ever mix two different groups of friends? That can be stressful. You always feel like you have to prep 'em. You're like, "These people over here, uh, they don't think I drink. And don't be thrown by my British accent."

Brian Kelly is going through something like that right now.

Kelly, as we know, is the new head coach at LSU. It's a culture shift, to say the least, switching from the Catholics to the Cajuns, and the man is going through it right now.

Who can forget when Kelly went viral last month -- good viral or bad viral, that's up to the eye of the beholder -- when he shot this video with 5-star quarterback commit Walker Howard?

,I just noticed on this, my 87th viewing, that Howard isn't dancing. Just Kelly.

Anyway, turns out that wasn't a one-off thing. Three-star tight end Danny Lewis, Jr., blessed us with this on Friday night.

What we're seeing is Kelly try on his new Cajun accent with his new, ahem, family, and it's not taking with all corners of the college football internet. To say the least.

As with all things recruiting, these TikToks seem to be a hit with the only audience that matters. Which means we should get to see BK dance way, way more than we ever thought we would.