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Brian Kelly shares why "organizational health" has been a main tenet of each staff he builds

Kelly has turned around a number of programs, and he points to his focus on organizational health as a reason why.

Brian Kelly has been building winning football programs for decades, dating back to his first head football job at Grand Valley State from 1991-2003.

Of course, from there he went on to build programs at Central Michigan, Cincinnati and Notre Dame before surprising college football with a move to LSU this off season.

Having built a winning program at each of those stops, Kelly certainly has developed an intentional formula to maximize the potential at each school. 

Some call it culture, some call it alignment, but when asked yesterday about an interview he did with Sports Illustrated recently, Kelly was asked about his focus on something called "organizational health."

"Organizational health is communication, and people communicating the same way, when it's healthy everyone is collaborative and there is a cohesiveness on a day-to-day basis and I love where we are. We have a great staff that is able to do that."

It has been said that organizations are perfectly designed for the results that they get, and Kelly shares that is a big reason behind his focus on the phrase and why it maybe took him a bit longer to assemble his staff than LSU fans would have liked.

"So when we talk about that, in particular, there are always reasons that things go the way that they do, and one of the things that I identified was that we needed to have great organizational health."

"Every program that I have been at, that has been one of the tenets for success, so creating that early on was maybe part of the reason it was a slow start in the roll out of bringing the coaches out because I had to really make sure the foundational pieces were together for that organizational health."

Hear Kelly's full comments in the clip.