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A brief rundown of all the new turnover props in college football

The Miami Turnover Chain went viral. It went viral in the sense that it showed up on morning talk shows and your grandma's Facebook feed, but I'm not talking about that. I mean that it was an idea that spread like an infection through college football.

Oregon came out with its own turnover chain last year.

And Kennesaw State followed with the delightfully low-rent turnover plank. This year, Florida State has debuted a turnover backpack, which isn't low-rent like the plank but not cool like the chain.

Kennesaw State

But the best new additions are Boise State's turnover throne and Memphis's turnover robe.

Tulane's turnover beads are the type of local flare every program should aim for.

Louisville also earns points for adding turnover gloves.

Or how about SMU's crown and chalice?

A number of programs have brought out turnover belts. Like Alabama, Colorado State and Ohio.

alabama turnover belt
Colorado State

Channeling Kennesaw State, Temple has added a turnover board.

The question now is if anyone will top the throne and the robe this year or we'll have to wait until next season, because it seems turnover props are here to stay.

If we've missed any, let us know @Zach_Barnett on Twitter.