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Brock Spack on returning to Purdue: "I don't see it happening."

The Purdue job is open, and Brock Spack has been mentioned in connection with the job since the day it came open. It makes sense. A former Boilermaker linebacker, Spack started his coaching career as a GA for his alma mater, returned as defensive backs coach from 1991-94 and again as defensive coordinator from 1997-08.

Spack, 54, left to become the head coach at Illinois State, a position he still occupies, 59 wins, 33 losses and three FCS playoffs appearances later.

So, yeah, the connection makes sense. Except Spack came forward to state he doesn't see himself as Purdue's next head coach.

“I don’t see it happening,” Spack told The Pantagraph. “I’ve kind of moved on from that a long time ago.”

“They stink right now. I hope they get a good coach. I’ve got a lot of pride in the place. I put 22 years of my life in there. I like to see them win. But I don’t think it will be me.”

He continued.

“I’m not paying attention to that stuff. I have in the past,” Spack said. “I have my own problems right now. I’m at a great place. My focus is on the Redbirds right now.

“I just don’t see Purdue going after an FCS head coach right now. It’s difficult for me. It’s the same record that keeps playing over and over again. I don’t think it’s healthy for me to go through all that stuff so I don’t really think about it."

Spack is 3-4 this season at Illinois State this season.