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Bronco: "The CFB playoff is killing rivalries and conference championships"


Yesterday Bronco Mendenhall joined Jim Rome's show and shared some concerns that he has with how college football has changed in the inaugural year of the college football playoff.

According to Bronco, the college football playoff is slowly killing two things; rivalries and conference championships. Once you hear his explanation, I'm confident that last sentence will make a lot more sense.

When Rome asks about if their upcoming game against Utah State is perhaps more important because Utah is not playing BYU this season, Mendenhall explained his thought process.

"Yeah, and really it's a sad thing and in a bigger perspective, when you consider all the conference realignments, and the quest and the search to make the playoff, what I'm not hearing as much about is the rivalry games. In our particular case, our rivalry game isn't even happening, which is a shame because that's one of the things that makes college football such an amazing venue and culture."

"The other thing that I'm starting to not hear much of is conference championships. At one point, to be a conference champion was this fantastic thing, and really the ultimate goal of a season, and a lot of this now seems to be shifting to whatever you can do to make more money and possibly be in the four team playoff."

"I think we're starting to travel a pretty dangerous slope." he explained.