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Bruce Arians explains the #1 thing he looks for in a quarterback


Looking at the quarterbacks that Bruce Arians has worked with in the NFL, it's impossible to deny his knack for getting the best out of everyone he's worked with.

As the quarterbacks coach in Indianapolis he worked with Peyton Manning, he then spent eight seasons in Pittsburgh as the receivers coach / offensive coordinator with Ben Roethlisberger leading the charge. After that tenure, he made his way back to Indianapolis where he worked with Andrew Luck for a season as offensive coordinator, and eventually interim head coach while Chuck Pagano fought cancer.

Now, as the head coach of the Cardinals, Arians has maximized his quarterback talent with both Carson Palmer, and Drew Stanton, leading the team to a 9-1 record and first place in the NFC West despite losing Palmer (the season's starter) to an ACL tear.

On "We Need to Talk," Arians was asked about the number one thing that he looks for in a quarterback. His response has nothing to do with anything you might see on an NFL scouting sheet.

"Well there are two muscles; you play with your head, and you play with your heart."

"If you're not smart, you have no chance, and if you're not physically tough, and mentally tough, you also have no chance."