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Bruce Arians gets raise and new contract with Bucs

After leading the organization to their second Super Bowl, Bruce Arians will be sticking around in Tampa Bay for a bit longer than his original contract called for.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Bucs and Arians have agreed to a revised contract and pay raise.

The Bucs went 11-5 on the year, finishing second in the NFC South before Tom Brady worked his magic and helped lead them through the playoffs. They faced Andy Reid, Pat Mahomes, and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV and dominated to the tune of 31-9.

Tampa Bay brought Arians, an offensive minded veteran known for stretching the field vertically with pass schemes, out of retirement heading into the 2019 season. Not counting the 2012 season where he stepped in with the Colts for Chuck Pagano as he battled cancer, Arians' first full-time head coaching opportunity came from 2013-17 with the Cardinals.

In Arizona, Arians went 49-30 before stepping into retirement, citing health reasons. He led the team to double-digit wins in 2014 and 2015, ending a 13-3 season in '15 where they lost to the Panthers in the NFL title game.

In his first year out of retirement, before they landed Tom Brady, Arians led the Bucs to a 7-9 mark.

The addition of Brady, a solid draft class, and some young and talented playmakers was the gasoline that was needed to take the team from good-to-great, as their Super Bowl run proved.

Rapoport adds that GM Jaso Licht also has a new deal, ensuring that at least a few key pieces of the Bucs remain in place for the immediate future.