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Bryan Harsin dodges cameras as he leaves SEC head coaches meeting

Even goldfish think the Auburn head coach is living in a fishbowl right now.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the conference room at SEC headquarters today.

Any meeting of a conference's head coaches would be fascinating theater, but especially the SEC and double especially this year's SEC meeting. 

You had Kirby Smart making his first "inter-squad" appearance as a national champion. You had Billy Napier and Brian Kelly attending their first SEC function. You had Jimbo Fisher making his first appearance since winning the recruiting national championship, and since publicly ripping Lane Kiffin for calling him a cheater. You had Mike Leach, being Mike Leach. 

And then you had Bryan Harsin.

The Auburn head coach went to Mexico after Signing Day and returned to a public, ongoing coup attempt. As Auburn launches an investigation clearly attempting to fire him for cause, Auburn passed a new university policy that can fire him for cause for not cooperating with the investigation it just launched trying to fire him for cause. 

That was Wednesday. 

On Thursday, Harsin had to attend the same SEC meeting as his 13 colleagues, which meant appearing in public.

Harsin entered through a side door in the morning, but could not escape the waiting cameras as he dashed for the exit.

As you can see here, Harsin clearly realizes he walked toward the wrong SUV, which required him to walk around the wrong vehicle to get to the correct one. The longest five seconds of Harsin's life became the longest 20 seconds of Harsin's life.

And this is Bryan Harsin's life now. Compete with Saban, Smart, Fisher and the rest, convince your players, assistants, fans and bosses to keep you around as you grasp to your job by your fingertips, and dodge questions everywhere you go.