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Bryan Harsin's contract and buyout details at Auburn

This afternoon, Adam Rittenberg shared the details of Bryan Harsin's deal that lured him away from Boise State and to Auburn and the SEC.

As previously reported, Harsin's deal is a 6-year deal worth an average of $5.35 million per year. The deal runs through December 31st, 2026.

The SEC contract represents a significant pay raise, as Harsin was making just under $2 million at Boise State. Meanwhile, the SEC was paying four of their coordinators more than Harsin was making leading the Broncos.

Perhaps most interestingly, the deal is not subject to an offset, and Harsin has no duty to mitigate if he were to be let go. Also, half of his buyout would be due within 30-days.

Auburn found themselves catching some heat publicly for those same type of clauses following the dismissal of Gus Malzahn back in December, in a situation where they owe Malzahn a total of $21.7 million.

Harsin can earn bonuses for New Year's Six Bowl appearances ($200k), reaching the College Football Playoff ($300k), reaching the national title game ($400k) and a whopping $800k for winning bringing home the national title.

If fired without cause, Harsin would be owed 70% of his remaining salary. As previously outlined, half that would be due within 30 days while the other half would be paid out over four years.

If Harsin were to leave for another job before the end of the deal, he would owe $7 million after the first year, $5 million in year two, and $3 million after year three. The fourth and fifth years of the agreement, the buyout drops to $1 million each year.

Head here to read the full piece from Rittenberg.

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