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Buffalo athletics - "New York's Public Powerhouse" - has a new logo


Today, Buffalo rolled out a set of new logos as part of a university-wide branding initiative. The iconic interlocking "UB" remains the primary mark, but the university added a new font and mean looking new buffalo logo.

The focus the last few seasons has been on using "State University of New York" on uniforms and other stuff in athletics, and that is now shifting back to uniforms featuring "Buffalo". That's precisely the changes that fans have been asking for since the change.

According to the release from the university, "the new look for athletics is now more closely aligned with the university's strengthened and cohesive academic identity," director of athletics Allen Greene explained.

"As the largest and most comprehensive public university in the State University of New York system, it is important that "New York" is still a part of our identity and reflects our athletic and academic strength, which is shown through our new tagline, 'New York's Public Powerhouse. Our research also showed us that "Buffalo" has a very strong place in the hearts and spirit of the UB community.

"The intent for branding with emphasis on New York was to stimulate discussion about UB's stature in New York, build momentum and tell UB Athletics' story in a thought-provoking way, and that effort was a tremendous success. Now that we are unified with every school and department at UB, we have more strength than ever before."

These changes also mean changes, or tweaks at the very least, to the uniforms are just around the corner. That logo would look awful good on the side of a helmet...just an idea.

The university also rolled out the short video below featuring the new buffalo head to highlight the change.

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