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To build the culture he's looking for, a first-time NFL head coach is focusing on these three ingredients

Ask successful coaches the key ingredients to their team's culture and you're destined to get a whole bunch of different, but very good, answers.

Thanks to this video from first-year Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich, we're able to see inside his first time talking to his team during a team meeting.

In the meeting, Reich hits on the three ingredients of the culture that he's tasked with creating in Indy. For Reich, those three ingredients are trust, toughness, and teamwork.

Reich shared some interesting thoughts on trust, prompted by a discussion he hear from someone else, he asked players to think about whether it is something that is given or earned.

"I just recently heard a guy talking about something like this, and he asked 'Is trust given, or is it earned?' I think what he was trying to elicit and what he was trying to get us to say was, 'Hey, trust is earned. I am going to earn your trust.'"

"You'd say the same to your teammate and the same to your coach, and so on. And that's true, and there is an element that we will earn each other's trust. But the other things is this. Because of this thing," Reich said while pointing to the Colts logo on the big screen, "what that means is that trust is given."

"We're going to start with trust. That's where we have to start to get to where we want to go. You've got to trust each other, you've got to trust us as coaches, trust this organization that trust isn't just earned, it is given and we know that because of that [logo] every person in this room has been through a stringent, a very stringent vetting process."

Hear more on what Reich has to say about each of those ingredients, and why they're important to what he's trying to build, in the clip.


Coach Frank Reich addresses his team for the first time:

— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) April 10, 2018