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Building a unique offensive identity with Steve Steele of Pierre TF Riggs HS (SD).

The final session of our inaugural week of our Online Clinic was a sit down with Pierre TF Riggs HS (SD) head coach Steve Steele.

Last year, Steele's program set a state record for yards and points scored, averaging nearly 60 points per game.

As a young head coach, coach Steele has led the program at Pierre TF Riggs HS (SD) to three-straight state titles (2017, 2018, and 2019), and credits a lot of that to their unique offensive identity.

Steele walks us through a few things that make them unique including:

  • The approach he took during the interview process that definitely set him apart from EVERYONE else
  • Why they are a nightmare to game plan for
  • Their unbalanced unbalanced offensive line approach
  • A wristband system that allows players to execute without memorizing anything
  • Some really unconventional formations paired with simple concepts allow them to be explosive.
  • A collection of books and lessons that have shaped their philosophy as a program

The first week we’ve had a lot of quality coaches come on and share some great content on offense, defense, and regarding leadership and culture as well. Head here to see all of the Online Clinic content to date.

Catch coach Steele's full presentation here.