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What would you do if your bus driver left the whole team behind at a road game?

What would you do if your entire team got stranded at a road game? We're not talking a Lane Kiffin situation here, where one guy gets left behind while the rest of the team leaves. We're talking the entire team.

The Saint Louis basketball team found itself in that exact situation on Wednesday night.

The Billikens were dropped off for their game at St. Bonaventure in southwest New York State, lost that game 70-55, went through their postgame routine and prepared to leave. Until they discovered they couldn't.

The bus was eventually located 40 miles away, driven by a driver with a .022 blood alcohol content -- which is four times the legal limit.

With plenty of personal and team gear still aboard the runaway vessel, the Billikens were worried that the bus was: A) stolen and B) those valuables would be lost forever.

Thankfully, the team was able to locate the bus through the miracle of head coach Travis Ford's Find My iPad app.

The driver was, uh, escorted to a local jail while the team took a new bus to meet their runaway bus, then made it to the airport around midnight.

With the understanding that it would take a coordinated effort to run off with a football team's fleet of buses, this seems like one of those one-in-a-trillion scenarios for which you can truly have no plan short of relying on local law enforcement, a real life sudden change situation. But perhaps I'm underestimating the ingenuity of the DFOs in our midst.