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Butch Jones: "Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls in recruiting, but it's about sport science."


Tennessee held a scrimmage Wednesday night at Neyland Stadium. Head coach Butch Jones cancelled the Volunteers' morning practice in hopes of producing an extra-spirited scrimmage. 

When asked if he would have hoped to see more energy in the Vols' night outing, Jones dovetailed into talking about how much his program puts into its sport science program. 

"Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls, everyone wants to talk about this and that in recruiting, but it's about sport science. And I'm very proud of what we have here at Tennessee. It starts with rest, it starts with nutrition. It's basically a five-prong approach that we have in our sport science department. It starts with strength and conditioning, it starts in the training room, it starts in the operations part of it, it starts in the training room, and it starts with academics.And we take great pride in our sport science."

I hate to point this out, Coach, but that approach you listed only had four prongs. Nevertheless, Jones was rolling.

"Your pillow and your mouth are very, very important, because it's sleeping, it's hydration, and it's how you take care of your bodies, and it's your hydration, it's your nutrition. And a lot of young players really, really struggle with that end of it. You need nine hours of sleep. There's a study that has been done about the percentages of rest and injury prevention. Young players struggle with that, and it's getting all things that championship teams do to take care of yourself."