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Butch Jones: "You're either a fountain, or a drain"

Back in late November I put together article compiling an extensive (over 30 coaches weighed in with suggestions) off season recommended reading list from coaches across the country. One of the more popular books that was suggested was "The Energy Bus" by Jon Gordon.

If you've ever had the chance to listen to Butch Jones talk about his philosophy, you'll hear a heavy influence from Gordon and his book. Yesterday, Jones got to talking about the popular "energy vampires" idea, and shared an interesting analogy.

"Energy rubs off on everyone, it's contagious. We always talk about 'you're either a fountain, or a drain.' Which one are you?"

"We want fountains." Jones explained.

"You look at our games this year, and there is not one game this year where we have been, what some people call 'flat', and that's a tribute to our leadership and our players"