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Video: Buzz Williams shares 4 things that can make us all better, starting today

Virginia Tech men's basketball coach Buzz Williams is a motivational fountain of the coaching community. Williams built one of the top mid-major basketball programs in college basketball at Marquette before leaving for VT, and chances are you probably remember him bringing veterans to practice to teach his players a quick lesson about the national anthem last year.

Filled with great ideas like that, people that cross paths with coach Williams, and those that reach out to him on social media can't help but ask for a few tips on how to "get better."

Williams came up with four things he shares with those people, and he shared them with his team in a recent team meeting where he insisted that they write the four things down on paper.

They are:

1 - "Read way more than you think you should"
"If you're not reading, there's a distinct ceiling to what you can be."
"I would say that you should probably read 50 books a year."

2 - "Write down everything, about everything, all the time"
"When I'm around people of our generation, the ones that are writing stuff down, those are the ones that I pay attention to. The ones that are not, can't keep up with the pace because your brain should be going so fast in this industry that you should have to write down everything, study it, and pay attention to it."

3 - "Build trustful relationships for 10 years from now, but learn to connect the dots between now and then."
"So many people ask for something, and that's the wrong way. That's not how you build a trustful relationship. You build a trustful relationship by never asking for anything. The best people at building a relationship, give to a relationship."

4 - Never turn down an opportunity to learn

Hear more from Buzz in the clip.

4 things to #getBETTER at:
1) Read more
2) Write down everything
3) Build trustful relationships
4) Never turn down an opportunity to learn

— Buzz Williams (@TeamCoachBuzz) June 27, 2017