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Cal plans to begin practice on Friday, but might not be allowed

Last week California Governor Newsom upped the number of people allowed to be in a "cohort" at one time. The number went from the previous allotment of 12 people to 25 indoors and 75 outdoors.

The change came without an abundance of clarification and left many people with a lot of questions. One of the biggest questions was if the state cohort numbers would supersede local health guidelines in individual cities and counties.

The answer to that seems to be no. Today, Cal head coach Justin Wilcox said that the team is not allowed to practice per the city of Berkeley and Alameda county. The team is planning to start practice this Friday. They hope to get clearance to practice sometime today or tomorrow.

The confusion between health guidelines and the ability to play and practice football has been on going in the state of California. Almost a month ago Governor Newsom said that there was no reason Pac 12 games could not take place. This statement was in contradiction to the health guidelines and cohort number limits in place at the time.

Only in the wild world of sports during COVID would a coach not know 2 days prior to the scheduled start of practice if the team will actually be able to practice.

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