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California COVID guidelines change, teams can practice 11 v 11

Today, California has changed it cohort numbers and now will allow as many as 75 people for outside training and 25 indoors. This adjustment is contingent on daily COVID testing. This means that teams will have to put daily testing into place in order to be allowed to follow the updated guidelines. The Pac 12 is currently the only conference in the country to implement daily testing.

At this time full team, in-person meetings are still prohibited and meetings of more than 25 people must take place virtually.

This change has been awaited by many as the previous cohort guidelines caused a lot of question. California's Governor Newsom made a statement two weeks ago regarding the ability for the Pac-12 to play. He said that there was no reason that the Pac-12 couldn't have games as it was not prohibited by guidelines. However, at the time there were state health guidelines in place limiting cohort gatherings of more than 12 people.

Currently because of Santa Clara County guidelines, San Jose State University's football team is unable to practice on their own campus and have opted to go down the road (by over 300 miles) to Humboldt State. It is unclear at this time if California's newest guidelines will change Santa Clara County's guidelines as well.

The new guidelines still leave some questions. For example, when it comes time play games will a team be able to be in a locker room together?

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