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Central Florida unveils Oregon-like array of new uniform options

Sitting in the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium press box one Saturday in the fall of 2009, I developed a hatred for Central Florida's uniforms. Usually such strong emotions are best used on matters more serious than how a football team dressed itself, but the Knights wore white jerseys emblazoned with gold numerals. Fighting through the glare of the afternoon sun in a hopeless attempt to decipher one light color from another, I longed for the NCAA to reach its overreaching hand into how UCF dressed itself.

The Knights eventually rectified the situation on its own, and now Scott Frost -- much like new head coach Chris Ash at Rutgers -- has placed his own stamp on the program with an array of outfits that can only be described as Oregon-like.

Mixing and matching between gold, black, white and anthracite (a charcoal like mixture between black and gray), Nike has supplied UCF with 76 separate uniform options -- almost enough for a player to complete two full careers without wearing the same thing twice.


See the full array here.