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Chad Morris explains the two types of outlooks coaches deal with from players in recruiting

Most coaches, especially guys in their first year with a program, use every opportunity in front of cameras and reporters as an opportunity to spread their recruiting pitch.

That's what Arkansas' Chad Morris had in mind the other day while sitting with reporters.

"We're going to get better by developing. A lot of this is on coaching now, and we've got to coach hard, we've got to develop these guys. Once you get them here, it's not just 'throw your hands up,' you've got to develop guys. And obviously continue to bring in the elite players across the country. I mean you're at the University of Arkansas...why not!?! I can't figure it out. Why not?"

Then Morris shared a bit about how he and his staff plan to recruit the nation's top talent, and how they're planning to win recruiting battles against traditional SEC blue bloods like Alabama, Georgia, LSU - who typically dominate recruiting.

"There is some recruit out there watching this moment right now, and he either wants to be a part of something popular, or he wants to go somewhere and make something popular. One of the two. That's what we deal with in recruiting."

"You're either, 'Man, I want to go where it's already popular..' Or 'I want to go somewhere and be the reason it becomes popular.' That's our philosophy. We want you to want to be here. If I've got to beg you to be here, we've got issues."

Hear the full comment from coach Morris in the clip.

It wouldn’t be a @coachchadmorris press conference without a strong recruiting pitch.

— Danny West (@DannyWest1) March 3, 2018