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Chad Morris is using low-flying drones, tennis balls, and blank walls to train his QBs

After landing his first head coaching gig at SMU, Chad Morris is sticking to the formula that made him one of the highest paid assistants in college football by finding creative ways to connect and teach his players.

The latest example of that was on full display over the weekend where drones were buzzing over the heads of the SMU quarterbacks. Asked about the reasoning behind those drones after practice, Morris explained.

"We use it as a simulator. So when we get in the film room, it's almost like it's at eye level with the quarterbacks and they're able to see the whole thing." he explained with practice music still bumping in the background.

"For example, they're in a simulator in the film room, the drone is at eye level and you're able to see everything. We take our drop, and whatever our read is, they'll have a tennis ball his hand, and wherever the read is...if he expands, he'll throw that tennis ball into the wall."

"It's a lot of interaction. These kids grow up in a video game phase, they play video games all the time, so we've got to try to make it a video game."

Towards the end of the interview, Morris was asked about how his new team has been adapting to the faster tempo, and he noted that the team is really loving the energy, but there have temporarily lost some trainers due to cramping up with the new approach.

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