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Chad Morris now has his own recruiting helicopter

Depending on your perspective, Kevin Sumlin either brought recruiting to its logical conclusion or light the concept of decency on fire when he introduced the Swagcopter upon his arrival at Texas A&M a few years back.


At least one coach saw Sumlin's chopper and thought to himself, "Someday I'm going to have me one of those," and it was first-year SMU head coach Chad Morris. SMU debuted #TempoCopter on Friday night, allowing Morris and his staff to zip from Allen to Cedar Hill to Southlake to Aledo and back all in one night.

#TempoCopter is an obvious choice given Morris' move to go all in on using Pony Up Tempo to brand the program, but I hope the staff at least gave some consideration to The Chad Chopper. It just rolls off the tongue so nicely.