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Chad Morris will reportedly be the next head coach at SMU

June Jones stepped down as SMU's head coach on the afternoon of September 8. Within minutes of word breaking, Scott tweeted the following:

The following day, Scott wrote an article surmising the candidates at SMU, and led off with this: I expect Chad Morris to be offered and to accept the position. I also expect Morris to deny interest in the position until he is offered the job. Morris has quietly sought out other jobs, most recently he pushed for the Vanderbilt opening which went to Derek Mason, and this is one he will push hard for. Morris would love the opportunity to return to Texas and the bravado that comes with being a head ball coach in Dallas. Morris would thrive in this environment and would interact well with Mustang boosters. In my opinion, Hart has plenty of time and will perform his diligence but I believe Morris is likely on top of the list already and won’t be surpassed. And on Thursday night, Clint Brewster of Clemson's 247 site reported that Chad Morris will be the next head coach at SMU. Chip Brown of, an SMU alum, corroborated Brewster's report.

We can confirm that Morris left the office around 3 p.m. on Thursday, and that the Clemson staff believes he will accept the job at SMU.

Should the news become official, SMU would be the first school to fill an opening in the 2014-15 hiring season.

Update> Sources tell FootballScoop that the deal will become official following Clemson's final game this weekend vs. South Carolina.

This is obviously a developing story, so keep it tuned to @FootballScoop and The Scoop for the latest.